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"The Greatest Shoot" Sunday

North Weald, UK
August 28, 2022
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Photo Shoot
£ 75.00 



Overall event Summary

We're aiming for the most comprehensive historic photo shoot ever undertaken, featuring Europe's sole airworthy B-17 Flying Fortress with a complete age-appropriate aircrew (all professional actors), ground crew and vehicles, with multiple scenes over two days... Plus very special offer on aerial photography flights. It's an amazing weekend!

Each day is sold separately. This is the Sunday ticket page.

Here's the details...

This very special photo shoot with Europe's only B-17 Flying Fortress 'Sally B' will absolutely be right up there with the most comprehensive historic aviation photo shoot ever undertaken!

We've got 13x pro actors all aged 18-25 (10x aircrew and 3x ground), each with three dress/uniform changes, 2x WASPs, 2x vehicles and two different “aircraft” (left and right), hair & make-up artists, plus air-to-airs going on over TWO days…

The event is being held at North Weald, Essex, with the shoot running from 1100hrs to 1700hrs (exact timings and joining instructions to follow), over Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August.

The aircraft is the world famous 'Sally B' and she will be positioned on a dedicated taxiway with the living history scenes around her.

One side of the aircraft features 'Sally B' noseart and the other has 'Memphis Belle' and such is the accuracy of this shoot that each side of the aircraft will have the whole day dedicated to it.

Both days will be different and both will have 10x aircrew (average age 23, all having starred in an upcoming Spielberg B-17-based film) and 3x groundcrew, plus female operatives (Red Cross & WASP), as well as vehicles and the finest clothing & flight kit you could ever hope for.


If you require Saturday tickets as well, please visit the Saturday page. If you require air-to-air participation, please visit that page.

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Each day will have a story board undertaken for the entire shoot period (likely to be around five hours), covering checks, briefings, crew step and return.

Day 1:  Saturday 27th August (separate ticket)

This will be concentrating on the exact crew of the Memphis Belle (even look-a-likes of the actual crew have been sourced!). The detail will be exactly recreated from original images. It will be May 1943 for a 5hr shoot and the famous crew will be finishing their 25 mission tour. The masks and equipment will be exact to the day, and there will be multiple living history scenes specific to history, including Tunic uniforms and flight kit too.

Day 2: Sunday 28th August

This will be concentrating on the 'Sally B' noseart side of the Flying Fortress and will see a fictional crew of the 100th Bomb Group go through another storyline, albeit it later in the war during September 1943. The kit again changes, and we will have pre-mission shoots as well as a post-mission shoots, complete with stage make-up and hair artists in the mix.

Again, it is important to stress that each living history actor has been hand-picked for the task for looks/resemblance and age.

Day 1 & 2: THE AIR-TO-AIR PLAN SUMMARY (separate ticket)

We have a VERY special opportunity for air-to-air photo flights at a never-before, one off cost for this event. Flights will be available in a D-Day veteran C-47 operated by Aero Legends.

The aerial photography will be for 15mins from an open door with the B-17 Flying Fortress and will either be over unspoilt countryside or a WW2 airfield. They will take place in the morning before the photo shoot and the evening after the shoot ends, from North Weald. We require a minimum number of takers for this to happen, so your early commitment is an absolute must.

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