Exotic Wings

USA West 1: Arizona

8 Days
Arizona, USA
October 30, 2022
Shoot Type
Exotic Wings / Air-to-Air
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This will be another of COAP's classic USA West photography adventures, and will see two trips available that will also be able to be joined together if you wish.

Nellis airshow (Aviation Nation) is in the middle weekend of both of these trips and forms the centrepiece. You can join one or the other - about a week each - or flow into both trips for a two-week classic COAP EW.

It is important to know that we are working on some cool stuff and, right now, we do not know if the week BEFORE Aviation Nation will see us in Arizona (and therefore Nevada the week after), or the other way round.

You will be asked to register your interest and commit in principle to your choice of trips and we will keep you up to date on the way the dates work out. Or just book on both and all will be easy, ha!

One week will be all about the deserts of Nevada and we'll be spending five days hitting some epic adventures around the Rachel, Tonopah, and Lone Pine areas, with ghost town and landscape shoots also in the photographic mix.

The other week will concentrate on operations around the Tucson and Phoenix area (featuring Davis-Monthan, PIma Air & Space Museum, Williams-Gateway, Luke and others).

In the middle f the above will be the Aviation Nation airshow at Nellis - so much desert military action!

Again, please note that we do not yet know which week the trips will fall, but the two week period will be from 30th October to 12th November. FACT! You are invited to state your interest in each trip and we can keep you up to date as the operational details fall into place.


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1x WEEK: NEVADA & CALIFORNIA: Epic photography, road trips, adventure and exploration (including some Ghost Town & Landscape photography!)

1x WEEk: ARIZONA: Hot desert action in this concentration of military airpower and preserved aviation.

2x DAYS at the 2022 Aviation Nation, Nellis AFB air show.

DATES.... Two trips... One will run 30th October to the 6th November and the other will run 7th November to 12th November with Nellis in the middle.... Or merge them all into one fantastic, classic COAP EW!

What you need to know

The Nevada trip is estimated to be from £2095 Land Only (meet in Las Vegas, no transatlantic flights, quote available on request).

The Arizona trip is estimated to be from £1700 Land Only (meet in Phoenix, no transatlantic flights, quote available on request).

Please register for each trip as per your requirements and we will be in touch as the dates are confirmed.

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