This is all about the photography, whether you are a pro or newcomer.

Everything is planned and executed by some of the most experienced and knowledgable aviation photographers in the world, entirely so you can get the best image and have the best time doing so.

You can develop your technique, expand your skillsets and learn different levels of photography and post-processing at entry or pro stage. You will see a progress of your photography into tangible end products, share experiences and work alongside pros all over the world, meet and discuss relevant topics with the people that are the best in the business, enjoy a fantastic social scene and belong to something that is year-round.

And what about the operations? Well, we offer aviation photography ops worldwide, whether it is off the beaten track to see the sights at distant exercises and airshows, or undertaking specific photography visits to military locations and commercial operators in small dedicated groups. Air-to-air photography is a speciality of COAP and we undertake our own programme of events as well as team up with partners to deliver incredible opportunities.

In Rich Cooper, Steve Comber and Tom Dalt, COAP draws upon decades of experience to bring bespoke, informative workshops that bring your photography and editing skills to another level. And the image-sharing and community membership platform allows you to belong something much, much bigger.

Our Photo Shoots are also offered either as themed recreations or dedicated opportunities to hone your skills and capture unique results - all run by pro aviation photographers that want the same high quality as you.

Based in the UK, the organisation has modified Articles that incorporate a commitment to distributing funds to associated charitable causes, which allows us to work with the RAF in specific areas.

So why travel with us..?

It's another great question. There’s certainly plenty of options out there.

We would like to invite you make up your own mind… Take the time to have a read of this page, read the testimonials and browse the rest of the site and decide for yourselves. Have a look at the results.

We pride ourselves in what we call an ‘immersion in aviation photography’.

Everything about what we do is for the photographer – the lighting, the vantage points, the action, the timings, the locations. We’re pros ourselves and we want what you want. As such, our operations are not suited to non-photographers (sorry!)… Often we will be spending long periods of time just waiting for that one shot, or spending days with just a handful of aircraft. It is definitely a case of quality over quantity. If you are all about the experience, then that fits perfectly too.

Talking of size, we generally only travel in small but perfectly formed groups.

There’s plenty of great operators out there that cater for larger groups and the cost savings that offers. But we believe that the social side, the personal service and the interaction (all like-minded travellers, and even the elective learning that comes from shadowing two pros at work) can bring an entirely different experience.

COAP does not operate as a cheap, budget option.

It's not the experience we want you to have, either. We are confident that you could ask any single person that’s ever travelled with us and they will say that it was worth every penny. We over-deliver at any any level. And we’re serious about that.

A COAP trip will be a self-contained, smaller group (usually 4-10 people) for a versatile, focused approach.  Rich Cooper & Steve Comber are two of the most prolific (and most travelled) photographers in the business and we've hand-selected EW Photo Managers Alec Walker, Kelvin Sullivan, Kevin Baxter & Thomas Devos to expertly deliver these ops with us.

For complete peace of mind, the travel and logistics requirements of specific COAP Wings operations are fulfilled by HC Travel with ATOL & TTA fully licensed and protected travel.

Furthermore, there will often be workshops or masterclasses built into the operation with the very best in the business. Indeed, what’s been really great to hear is that photographers often look on our operations as a week-long workshop when they travel, with their photography improving in major leaps.

And one of the best things?

Something that’s super important to us?

We also include the cultural elements of the countries we visit too. Sometimes there’s more to life than aeroplanes…

Reflecting on some trips, photographers have said that the social and the cultural side actually surpassed the aviation. We’re serious about offering the best travel experience possible.

So enough of our hot air, why not hear from some of those photographers that have joined us on any one of our operations to decide whether or not to travel with COAP? Take a look at what people are saying and we look forward to hearing how your images and experiences have answered the original question…

Thank you for your time and interest!

COAP will enable you to...
  • Experience aviation photography all over the world
  • Enjoy the adventure and thrill of the chase that only aviation photography can bring
  • Tick that bucket list, absorb more than just aviation and enjoy the best travel experience imaginable
  • Undertake amazing aerial photography experiences
  • Develop technique, workflow & post-production
  • Learn new skills & tricks of the trade
  • Share insight & knowledge
  • Produce outstanding end results
  • Travel and work with the best operators and facilitators in the business
  • Raise money for charity
  • Enjoy travelling in small groups of like-minded shooters

We are the photographer's choice.

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